Angela Muzzo, Senior Associate Market & Brand Research, Cleanslating® / Strategic Thinker & Synthesizer
DART Insight and Communications

Clients are often in the habit of ordering up new research without first determining what they already have and how it relates to what they’re trying to achieve. In fact, with employee turnover as it is, institutional memory is often lost and without figuring out what they already know, organizations can dive into solving a business or marketing issue they already have the answer to from existing research.

Angela’s expertise – Cleanslating® – is to find and recover the relevant data that helps frame the problem at hand, analyze it to produce a clear picture of what is known, determine how it applies and, more critically, point to what the real issue is to move the organization forward.  It stops clients from spending money on repetitive research and helps them make any further spend using the foundation of a clean slate. Time after time the process is a revelation that identifies fresh insights, true gaps in knowledge and a recommended path forward.

Angela is a passionate discoverer of consumer intelligence and believes the most difficult problems can be solved with critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.  As a 25+ year veteran in the field of marketing research/consulting, she has been given acclaim by her clients for her ability to synthesize information into a meaningful story that turns into action for marketers.  Angela feels achievement is reached when she provides her clients with market insight that grounds or rethinks business strategy.

Angela launched into her career in marketing research after doing both MBA and mathematics degrees from York University.  She earned her stripes at Goldfarb Consultants, Angus Reid Group, Tandemar Research, Ipsos-ASI, Hotspex, Northstar Research Partners and heads up, reaching senior leadership positions at these firms. In 2014, she founded her own firm to launch her proprietary model Cleanslating®.

Angela has been complimented for her interactive and challenging presentation style, fostering healthy debate that results in identifying the most meaningful conclusions and implications. She has influenced CEOs to make decisions during her presentations to change the way they operate based on her insights. She has convinced marketers to rethink their strategies and consider alternatives. Angela has played leadership roles in brainstorming, strategic planning, and brand building exercises.

Angela has specialties across a wide array of industry sectors including consumer packaged goods, retail, financial services and not-for-profit.

Professional Milestones: 

  • Introduced Cleanslating® in 2014, a first-to-market model for curating and synthesizing primary and secondary market research.
  • Market researcher and business strategist.
  • Long-standing tenure as a senior executive at the top Canadian market research firms.  Inspired and mentored by founders of original Canadian market research companies.
  • 25+ years researching multiple industries and complex problems, honing an ability to understand and manage diverse subject matter.
  • Leveraging an MBA, Marketing and Finance, from Schulich School of Business, presented hundreds of strategic growth opportunities to clients.
  • Storytelling, providing meaning and implications from reams of data.
  • Dual quantitative and qualitative capabilities, a rare combination in the industry.
  • Certified in Symplexity Thinking™: Creative Problem Solving Method 2013.