DART Insight and Communications Inc. Announces Six New Senior Associates Veteran Industry Leaders Offer Clients Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

Toronto—John Wright (CEO – Insight) and Victoria Ollers (CEO – Communications) of DART Insight and Communications Inc. publicly announced today that six veteran specialists have joined the DART as Senior Associates. Each one is, and remains, an independent single owner/operator who will work collaboratively on client assignments with the rest of the DART collective. These individuals—all groundbreakers and respected leaders in their respective fields— are at the top of their game and with DART offer clients an unparalleled portfolio of experience and expertise to draw upon. They are:

Sean Mallen who is a Senior Associate of DART specializing in Media Training & Strategic Communications. For more than 30 years Sean was an award-winning reporter, anchor and host, covering major stories across Canada, the United States and around the world. He leverages his decades of experience and deep knowledge of the news media to offer high level communications counsel to government, industry, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. http://dartinc.xyz/sean-mallen/

Rick Findlay, CMC, is a Senior Associate of DART specializing in Environmental Strategy, Policy & Management. Rick has been consulting in the environment and recycling sectors for over 20 years across Canada, the USA, South America, and Europe. He has provided strategic and policy advice, and has led the development of operations, performance management and reporting for numerous programs and organizations across this sector. Rick introduced Activity Based Costing to the recycling industry in 1996, started providing Life-Cycle Assessment (LCAs) in the 1990s identifying environmental and socio-economic impacts and has led the development of numerous recycling collection and processing performance models. http://dartinc.xyz/rick-findlay/

Dr. Heather Bastedo who is a Senior Associate of DART specializing in Opinion Research (quantitative/qualitative and panel) & Public Affairs. She is a former Skelton Clark Postdoctoral fellow at Queen’s University, Heather holds a PhD and MA in Political Science from the University of Toronto, where she earned her degree in political psychology and motivation, focusing on democratic engagement. http://dartinc.xyz/dr-heather-bastedo/

Rob Peacock (MA, CFRE) is Senior Associate of DART specializing in Philanthropy. Rob is a Certified Fund Raising Executive with 30 years of fundraising experience. Previously, Rob fulfilled numerous senior development and leadership roles at Habitat for Humanity Canada, Junior Achievement of Canada Foundation, PC Canada Fund, Mt. Sinai Hospital Foundation, the University of Toronto, and Ryerson University. He is Past Chair of the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Canada, and served on the Board of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. http://dartinc.xyz/rob-peacock/

Kirk Corkery is a DART Senior Associate specializing in Governance & Operations Management. Kirk is an internationally experienced executive and Corporate Director with a broad background in systems, business strategy and general management. He is the Founder and President of Technology Mediation Services Inc., a consultancy specializing in negotiations, arbitration and mediation of business issues and C-level interim management services. He is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors and holds their ICD.D designation. http://dartinc.xyz/kirk-w-corkery/

DART’s offer to the marketplace is simple: a portfolio of single, owner operators at the top of their game who know each other thoroughly and who are brought together selectively to work on client assignments to provide insight and communications expertise. DART is the collective skin and an acknowledgement that the firms’ leadership and its associates work together as a team. DART is co-owned and operated by two well-known professionals who bring opinion research and communications practices together—John Wright who is CEO – Insight http://dartinc.xyz/john-wright, and Victoria (“Vicki”) Ollers who is CEO – Communications http://dartinc.xyz/victoria-ollers/ . There is a lot of grey matter (and hair) here without the overhead that others bring to the table, that’s what our clients want and get. On Point – On Target. http://dartinc.xyz/