DART Insight and Communications Created

March 2017

DART Insight and Communications Inc. announced its creation today via its official website at www.dartincom.ca .

DART’s offer to the marketplace is simple: a portfolio of single, owner operators at the top of their game who know each other thoroughly and who are brought together selectively to work on client assignments to provide insight and communications expertise. DART is the collective skin and an acknowledgement that the firms’ leadership and its associates work together as a team.

The company is co-owned and operated by two well-known professionals who bring opinion research and communications practices together—John Wright who is CEO – Insight, and Victoria (“Vicki”) Ollers who is CEO – Communications.

Unique with this new venture is that the offer to provide insight and communications is broadly defined to give clients access to a large toolbox of highly experienced practitioners so that multidimensional assignments can be handled without having to sub-contract other components to specialty outlets. And because each member has spent decades in practicing their craft not only in local trenches but in many different countries, they can handle and mange international assignments and clients, easily.

There is a lot of grey matter (and hair) here ranging from opinion research to media training and relations to advertising and branding, from fundraising and stakeholder relations to management and corporate financing, from executive search to government relations.

And most of our team has been a client so we get it when you need it.

It means that when we’re engaged with a client this is the team at the table. Available, 24/7 to work on the need or just to provide advice and counsel. And a network of secure office spaces close to our clients on an as needed basis.

That’s why we call ourselves DART: we put our clients on the right path to be on target.

The Senior Associates at DART are known by many accolades—leaders, experts, deans, groundbreakers, pioneers, frontrunners, authorities, best-selling authors, speakers in demand, awarded and recognized, community and national ambassadors—but for one in particular: trusted advisor. And with this team, they not only offer that, but also get-it-done, seamlessly.

DART is currently anchored in Toronto, Canada but will be expanding to other centers.

In the communications business, this first information/posting is called a soft launch—where something gets put on the map deliberately but quietly with a plan to light it up a bit later with more visible activities or announcements.

So stay tuned.

John Wright, CEO – Insight and Vicki Ollers, CEO – Communications.