Dr. Pina Pejovic Joins DART Insight and Communications Inc. as Senior Associate, Public Affairs Research & Program Evaluations and Reviews

Public Affairs Research Veteran is Expert in Quantitative Data & Analysis, Brings Key Strengths in Program Evaluations & Reviews; Focus Groups, Stakeholder Engagement In-Depth Interviews; Research for Business & Strategic Planning

Toronto— John Wright (CEO – Insight) and Victoria Ollers (CEO – Communications) of DART Insight and Communications Inc. are pleased to announce that Dr. Pina Pejovic has joined the DART team as a Senior Associate. Dr. Pejovic has extensive experience in Public Affairs research, having worked on both the client and supplier side (as Senior Vice President at Harris/Decima and Vice President at Ipsos Reid) for more than 25 years.

With both a Doctorate and Master’s Degree in Sociology from York University, she is active in all areas of research and specializes in the healthcare, education, and government sectors. Her main strengths are in program evaluations and reviews; qualitative research – focus groups, stakeholder engagement and in-depth interviews; and business and strategic planning.

An expert in quantitative data and analysis methodologies including developing Key Performance Indicators for public sector organizations, she is a strong advocate for the utilization of a performance measurement model that facilitates governance and accountability—allowing clients the ability to measure and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of their strategies, determine the gap between actual and targeted performance, and determine organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Pina has directed an extensive and diverse portfolio of studies within the sphere of social research, public policy, and strategic analysis of public programs. Her clients include federal, provincial and municipal public-sector organizations and associations in health care, community and home care, public health, mental health, social services, training, education, and non-profit/charity sectors where she provides strategic insights, evidence, and knowledge that is transformative and actionable.  She helps clients improve performance, comply with complex policies and regulations, and reduce costs—delivering measurable, sustainable results.

She is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) and currently sits on the Board of Directors and the Human Resources Committee for Kinark Child and Family Services.

DART’s offer to the marketplace is simple: a portfolio of single, owner-operators at the top of their game who know each other thoroughly and who are brought together selectively to work on client assignments to provide insight and communications expertise. DART is the collective skin and an acknowledgment that the firms’ leadership and its associates work together as a team. DART is co-owned and operated by two well-known professionals who bring opinion research and communications practices together—John Wright who is CEO – Insight http://dartinc.xyz/john-wright, and Victoria (“Vicki”) Ollers who is CEO – Communications http://dartinc.xyz/victoria-ollers/ . There’s a lot of grey matter (and hair) here without the overhead that others bring to the table. That’s what our clients want so that’s exactly what we deliver. On Point – On Target. http://dartinc.xyz/