Geoff Seigel Joins DART Insight and Communications Inc. as Senior Associate, Multi-Platform Media and Content Strategies

25+ Year Marketing, Advertising, Media and Strategy Veteran Has Provided Major Not-for-Profit, Corporate, Brand and Market Leaders with Insight About and Activation of Key Audiences 

Toronto—John Wright (CEO – Insight) and Victoria Ollers (CEO – Communications) of DART Insight and Communications Inc. are pleased to announce that Geoff Seigel has joined the DART team as a Senior Associate specializing in Multi-Platform Media and Content Strategies.

Geoff’s kinetic drive for each of his clients is their need to raise money or market share with new prospects, or reposition their connectiveness, with customers, clientele, or donors for big-ticket, longer haul campaigns using confident, targeted multi-platform media and content strategies.

For over 25 years, his absolute passion has been to affect change among those key audiences to activate measurable behavioral outcomes that attract and retain their attention and involvement for his not-for-profit, corporate, brand and market clients.

In a world where loyalty is literally fleeting, Geoff uses creative stimuli and communications media tools to convert those mere moments into a commitment to a long-term relationship.

Geoff’s innate skill is in getting a brand or entity right down to its molecular level—discovering the what matters to people—and then making it combustible through media and communications platforms that convey to select audiences why it matters to them and how they must participate.

While he can be drawn into a client need at any stage, his greatest achievements begin on the ground floor with RAW research—a 360-degree, inclusive investigative and interactive phase which creates maximum insight and buy-in throughout the organization for building a long term, sustainable effort.

A graduate of York University—where his honours degree encompassed a heavy dose of psychology—he’s owned, managed, and served in marketing, media and communications collective supplier agencies and spends his days doing good and influencing others through motivating and activating. Harnessing his infectious energy and infusing a high level of passion in his work and life. Not one to use an economy of words. Cycling fanatic, coffee addict, early tech adopter, media junkie and hopeless hockey dad. 

DART’s offer to the marketplace is simple: a portfolio of single, owner operators at the top of their game who know each other thoroughly and who are brought together selectively to work on client assignments to provide insight and communications expertise. DART is the collective skin and an acknowledgement that the firms’ leadership and its associates work together as a team. DART is co-owned and operated by two well-known professionals who bring opinion research and communications practices together—John Wright who is CEO – Insight, and Victoria (“Vicki”) Ollers who is CEO – Communications . There’s a lot of grey matter (and hair) here without the overhead that others bring to the table. That’s what our clients want so that’s exactly what we deliver. On Point – On Target.