Kathy Cheng, Senior Associate, Multicultural Research, Moderator & Ethnographer
DART Insight and Communications

Kathy Cheng is a leading researcher, moderator and ethnographer in Canada’s multicultural and newcomer markets, and is a pioneer in artificial intelligence providing innovative solutions to understanding customers, citizens and employees.

With two decades of global marketing research and consultancy experience of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, Kathy has helped clients in the financial services, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, retail, media, and non-profit sectors understand Canada’s rapidly changing multicultural markets. Previously, Kathy developed and led cultural research practices at Environics and Ipsos-Reid creating and managing syndicated studies such as “Financial Services among New Canadians” which became the industry’s benchmark and most widely subscribed syndicated research of newcomers to Canada.

Kathy has designed and executed diverse qualitative projects involving multicultural consumers in Canada: focus groups, ethnographic interviews, shop-alongs a nd various online studies. She has moderated more focus groups with multicultural consumers and newcomers than any moderators in Canada.

Kathy co-authored Migration Nation: A Practical Guide to Doing Business in Globalized Canada, the first book of practical, data-driven insights about Canada’s multicultural markets. It is the only book that helps organizations plan for growth and relevance in the increasingly multicultural Canada.

Kathy merges behavioral science with the most current technology to connect the dots between culture and heuristics in consumer decision-making. She’s building Canada’s first comprehensive cultural model in a groundbreaking joint venture with the Rotman School of Management and the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. The project utilizes her trailblazing research platform that enables real-time conversations with a large group of participants and automates qualitative insights through incorporating artificial intelligence, neuroscience and gamification theories.

In 2001, Kathy moved to Canada from Shanghai, where she spent a few years with Nielsen. While based in China, she travelled extensively, conducting qualitative research to help multinational companies understand the Chinese context and grow their presence in that dynamic emerging market.