Kathy Cheng Joins DART Insight and Communications Inc. as Senior Associate

Leading Researcher, Moderator, Ethnographer in Canada’s Multicultural/Newcomer Markets, Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Understanding of Customers, Citizens and Employees

Toronto—John Wright (CEO – Insight) and Victoria Ollers (CEO – Communications) of DART Insight and Communications Inc. are pleased to announce that Kathy Cheng has joined the DART team as a Senior Associate. Kathy is a leading researcher, moderator and ethnographer in Canada’s multicultural and newcomer markets, and leads an artificial intelligence company that provides innovative solutions to understanding customers, citizens and employees.

With two decades of global marketing research and consultancy experience of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, Kathy has helped clients in the financial services, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, retail, media, and non-profit sectors understand Canada’s rapidly changing multicultural markets. Kathy has designed and executed diverse qualitative projects involving multicultural consumers in Canada: focus groups, ethnographic interviews, shop-alongs, and various online studies. She has moderated more focus groups with multicultural consumers and newcomers than any moderators in Canada.

Kathy has pioneered behavioral science and the most current technology into work to connect the dots between culture and heuristics in consumer decision-making research platform that enables real-time conversations with a large group of participants and automates qualitative insights through incorporating artificial intelligence, neuroscience and gamification theories.

DART’s offer to the marketplace is simple: a portfolio of single, owner operators at the top of their game who know each other thoroughly and who are brought together selectively to work on client assignments to provide insight and communications expertise. DART is the collective skin and an acknowledgement that the firms’ leadership and its associates work together as a team. DART is co-owned and operated by two well-known professionals who bring opinion research and communications practices together—John Wright who is CEO – Insight http://dartinc.xyz/john-wright, and Victoria (“Vicki”) Ollers who is CEO – Communications http://dartinc.xyz/victoria-ollers/ . There’s a lot of grey matter (and hair) here without the overhead that others bring to the table. That’s what our clients want so that’s exactly what we deliver. On Point – On Target. http://dartinc.xyz/