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Majority (68%) of Canadians Want Their Elected Officials Focused on Those Who Are Crossing Canada’s Borders at Unofficial Points and Claiming Asylum

Equal majority (68%) give Trudeau government bad marks for handling this file
Deeper dive shows national ideological battle: mosaic (62%) versus melting pot (38%)

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders Approval Rating Drops

Two Thirds (66%) of Torontonians Say Top Cop Doing a Good Job
Compared to More (69%) One year Ago

Approval rating drop against backdrop of a rash of gun violence where Toronto
residents point to gangs (76%) drugs and drug trafficking (61%) and illegal guns
smuggled in from the United States (49%) as top contributing factors

Majority (54%) Find Change to Toronto Council Size (From 47 to 25) Acceptable versus 46% who Say it’s Unacceptable

Six in 10 (58%) believe Toronto City Council will be more effective
in getting things done with just 25 Councillors

The Toronto Municipal Campaign: Majority (57%) Say Mayor John Tory Deserves Re-Election

In Head-to-Head Matchup Tory (62%) Bests Keesmaat (27%)
Majority (59%): Toronto is On the Right Track

One Year Out from a Canadian Federal Election, Trudeau’s Liberals Have Some Work to Do

Only Three In 10 (29%) Canadians Believe Trudeau Government Deserves Re-election,

68% (including 56% of Liberal voters) Believe Government Has Been Consumed More with Looking Good than Dealing with Key Issues 

Weed Whackers: Strong Majority (76%) of Canadians Believe Legal Age to Obtain Marijuana Should be 21

Half (53%) support their municipality if it wants to ban marijuana sales outlets

Equally, (52%) believe legalizing marijuana will cause more harm than good (48%)

Canadian Premiers’ Quarterly Approval Rating Tracking

Q3 September 2018

The PetSmart 2018 Canadian National Dog and Cat Owners Poll Topline Report

August 27, 2018 – The PetSmart 2018 Canadian National Dog and Cat Owners Poll holds unique insights into the lives and attitudes of Canadian Dog and Cat owners and, in particular, puts in perspective what both of these owner types would do with their beloved pets if they could find more time to hang out with them (or, of course, vice versa).

What’s fascinating is not just the comparative choices that Dog and Cat owners make and their admissions but the socio-demographic and geographic cross tabulations. Here’s a sample:

• 44% of cat owners would prefer to stay in a luxury hotel for the weekend versus just 30% of dog owners; 10% of cat owners would prefer to address their pet up in a costume and go to a pet-person party compared to 5% of dog owners.

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Asylum-seekers Crossing Over the Canadian Border:
Most Canadians (70%) Don’t Believe the Federal Government Has a Clear Plan on How to Deal with the Situation
Majority (58%) Don’t Believe the Federal Government has Handled the Situation Well

July 9, 2018 — Most (70%) Canadians don’t believe the Federal government has a clear plan involving thousands of individuals who make an asylum claim following an irregular entry through unofficial entry points—such as simply walking over the border into Canada from the United States at a non-official crossing point—and a majority (58%) don’t believe the Federal government has handled the situation well—according to a new national public opinion survey undertaken by DART Insight.

A majority (57%) also don’t believe the Federal government is providing the right amount of resources for communities to deal with these border crossings. This has become highlighted in the past week as new Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory have called on the Trudeau government to up the amount of money paid to look after Federally approved asylum seekers (and refugees) who have been allowed to enter the country and/or are awaiting more months of official processing. And on this point, a further majority (58%) don’t believe the Federal government is sending a signal that there are no guarantees asylum-seekers will be able to stay.

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