Rick Findlay, Senior Associate, Environmental Strategy, Policy & Management
DART Insight and Communications

Rick Findlay, CMC, has been consulting in the environment and recycling sectors for over 20 years, across Canada, the USA, South America, and Europe. He has provided strategic and policy advice, and has led the development of operations, performance management and reporting for numerous programs and organizations across this sector. Rick introduced Activity Based Costing to the recycling industry in 1996, he started providing Life-Cycle Assessment (LCAs) in the 1990s identifying environmental and socio-economic impacts and has led the development of numerous recycling collection and processing performance models.

From 2012 to 2014 Rick was the Director of Oversight and Operations for Waste Diversion Ontario. In this role Rick was responsible for oversight, policy, issue management, monitoring and reporting on the performance of the Blue Box, e-waste, used tires, and household hazardous and special wastes programs, as well as evaluation of proposed new individual stewardship programs.

Rick is a Certified Management Consultant with an engineering and finance background. He is currently providing consulting assistance to a variety of organizations on strategy, governance, financial management, developing new environmental programs, and assisting growth management for three environmental cleantech companies.