Stephen Gardner is DART’s Executive Producer and Creative Lead, Video and Commercial Production

Stephen has been a creative producer and director of video and long-format documentaries, commercials, and shows for live events for over 20 years. He has worked in various sectors including education, corporate, healthcare, technology, and consumer, and travel.  A former producer with CBC and CTV, Stephen has a passion to bringing great stories authentic stories to life.

Headquartered in Toronto’s film production area, his work for clients encompasses high-end cinematography, studio audio, 2D and 3D graphics, animation and special effects. He and his creative team of producers, editors, scriptwriters, and animators have brought over 200 production stories to life.

He’s won numerous awards for his work and also donates his time and resources back to various national charities. Stephen has travelled the world working on international projects for various media and fundraising, and recruitment campaigns, linking international successes with life experiences. These are the types of products and services he provides for DART clientelle:

Corporate / Business Video Production—Today’s business environment is a convergence of visual and written communications, and video is being used increasingly to reinforce corporate messaging.

Marketing / Advertising—The top branded videos have an emotional impact on an audience where they are shared on social media and create a conversation. We excel at creating videos that connect with viewers on a deep level, either live-action or animated, helping to ensure the brand’s voice is heard.

Video for Web Production—We provide video for web production services that deliver outstanding content to websites.

PSA Video Production–Public Service Announcements are another way we can help brand messaging, by educating and informing audiences in an emotionally powerful fashion. Our videos help our clients not only to reach target audience members but to influence them as well.

Video Production Producers—We have the skills, knowledge, and creativity to deliver your project the way you want it, with style, and within budget.

Event Video Production—If there’s an event that needs to be captured, our event video production services can document every moment of it. It’s an opportunity to showcase the event for those not in attendance, and a chance for those who were there to re-live every moment.

Promotional Video Production—We help clients construct a documentary that’s not only informative and educating but incredibly emotive.

3D Animation—3D animation has seen significant growth in the corporate sector and has become a staple of commercial branding for many businesses. 3D animation has proven to result in higher engagement with branded content, in particular with commercial and explainer videos.

Explainer Video Production—Whether for customers or internal teams, explainer videos have become a staple in helping explain complicated concepts. Often animated, these videos effectively convey your message while keeping people engaged.