Canadian Tire Retail Chosen as Canada’s Most Respected General Merchandise Retailer

Canadian Tire Retail (CTR) has been chosen as Canada’s Most Respected General Merchandise Retailer in an inaugural national study of the Canadian public.

“Canadian Tire is a national icon that leads the way in respect” said Jeff Munn, Executive Director, DART I&C Award Program.  “Providing high-levels of retail service across a wide-range of locations and platforms especially during a pandemic is a huge accomplishment. “

The award is based on the results of a nationally representative public opinion survey of 3,714 randomly selected Canadians in June 2021 by Maru Public Opinion Research which assessed 13 of Canada’s leading retailers selling items for personal and/or household use that operate in over 75 fixed locations.

Rounding out the top five on the Most Respected list were Costco, Staples, Best Buy and Couche-Tard. The complete category listing/ranking can be found at

The true value of this Award is that it is based on independent national opinion research that is representative of the Canadian public and not decided upon by pre-selection, write-in efforts, or a committee process.

The DART Insight and Communications (DART I&C) “Most Respected Corporation Program” was launched November 9, 2020.   “We believe corporate respect is now the most valued currency that any company can own, and we are now rating and recognizing leading companies in key Canadian sectors,” said John Wright, Founding Partner DART I&C and Executive Vice President of Maru Public Opinion.

More information about Canada’s Most Respect Award program can be found at

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