Canadians Say Firefighters, Nurses, Farmers, and Medical Doctors Tops while Owners of Social Media Platforms rank Last

The Canada’s Most Respected Awards Program released its first annual Most Respected Professions list today based on a national public opinion survey that has Canadians ranking Firefighters, Nurses, Farmers, and Medical doctors at the top of the 28 professions.

To view the complete list along with the methodology employed by Maru Public Opinion to survey the 2500+ Canadians, please visit Pharmacists, Scientists, members of the Armed Forces, Grocery Store Owners/Clerks, Airline Pilots, and Teachers round out the Top-10 of the Most Respected Professions. Alternately, Members of Parliament, Advertising Practitioners, Car Salesmen, and Owners of Social Media Platforms were ranked near to and at the bottom of the list.

“The new currency for professional and corporate public equity is “respect”. Our client research, as well as that of the Queen’s University Smith School of Business and others, demonstrates that ‘respect’ is now the central antecedent for consumer-citizen reputation and satisfaction outcomes”, said Jeff Munn, Executive Director, Canada’s Most Respected Award Program.

Munn noted the steady global erosion of ‘trust’ that used to be the gold standard of measuring reputation has witnessed the ascendency of this new attribute that has a broader, motor circumspect appreciation. “Trust is but one attribute whereas Respect is more encompassing and has o be earned every day” he said.

The DART Insight and Communications (DART I&C) “Most Respected Awards Program” was launched November 9, 2020, to elevate the discussion of corporate respect/behaviour across all business sectors. Each month it has surveyed the Canadian public to rank Canada’s Most Respected Corporations by sector with results posted at

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