76% believe government has taken right response to pandemic

John Wright, partner at DART Insight and Communications discusses Canadian polling data about Canada’s emergency response to COVID-19.

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On COVID-19: What Canadians think about working from home

John Wright: Our latest DART & maru/Blue research poll checked in on this new workforce and found them still settling into their new lockdown-imposed workplaces.

There’s a new class of worker in this country and it’s likely you know some of them. They’re the recent office dwellers who now wear business clothes from the waist up and pyjamas from the waist down. They conduct meetings over Zoom and Microsoft Teams and have tried to stake out a part of the house that has a decent backdrop and keeps the kids at bay.

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On COVID-19, Canadians want to know when we can change the channel

John Wright: Rightly or wrongly, there’s an expectation among the public as to when the current situation will end

For weeks, the TV appointment time has been 11 a.m. EDT and 2 p.m. when a parade of government leaders, medical officials and other pandemic players have held briefings on the impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian public, what they are doing about it, and what Canadians must do to “plank,” “crush” or “flatten” the curve. We’ve heard of the heroic measures and risks our health-care workers have undertaken, and the scourge of the long-term care sector. It’s been necessary. Until it’s not.

Canadians may soon want to tune into another channel.

Read the National Post article (April 17, 2020).

More than a million Canadians believe they are on verge of bankruptcy, new poll suggests

More than a million Canadians believe they are on the verge of having to declare bankruptcy, according to the findings of a new poll released Thursday.

The survey conducted by DART & maru/Blue found an even larger group — 4.2 million Canadian adults —  said they consider themselves to be heading towards bankruptcy over the next three months unless their personal financial conditions improve. 

Middle-aged and younger Canadians with middle-to-lower incomes appear “most vulnerable to bankruptcy,” the survey found.

“This middle-age, middle-income group is going to get hammered the hardest with the reduction of jobs and lost income,” said John Wright, a partner at DART. 

Read the National Post article (April 10, 2020).

COVID-19: Canadians almost unanimously support the lockdown. Here’s what else they think

John Wright: The majority are focused on protecting their health. Roughly another quarter put a priority on their jobs and homes. See the full National Post article (April 8, 2020).

John Wright: The COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of Canadians

When it comes to their own personal or family financial situation over the next three months, one in five Canadians say they will be either ‘pressured and anxious,’ or ‘dire and desperate’ See the full National Post article (March 31, 2020)


Empire Club Panel: Putting Seniors First

March 11, 2020 Panel discussion Putting Seniors First with John Wright.

Ford Nation is framing Steven Del Duca as a Wynne Loser

The Ontario Liberal Party handed former Wynne minister Steven Del Duca a first ballot win and new business cards as the Leader of the provincial party.

The governing Progressive Conservatives have already released online ads framing Del Duca as a continuation of Kathleen Wynne’s politics and policies.

Can Del Duca redefine himself? Can he redefine the provincial party? Can he raise the cash needed to take on the Tories in 2022? Can he recruit quality candidates to take on the Tories in 2022?

And what does all this say about the leadership, (or lack thereof), from NDP leader Andrea Horwath?

Trump’s Viral Confusion over COVID-19 spreads faster than the Coronavirus

Listen to the declarations coming out of Washington about COVID-19 and it’s clear that the Canadian response to the outbreak has been weeks ahead of the curve. Nonetheless, all of our preparedness for this strain of the coronavirus is not enough to inoculate us against the Trump administration’s viral confusion and its effects on world markets.

President Trump has appointed Vice President as the lead on the COVID-19 file but it’s still not clear who is in charge.

One thing we do know is the next Ontario Liberal Leader will be named on March 7th. The leader of the pack is the leading “Wynne Loser”, Stephen Del Duca. Can he rejuvenate the party?

And the trains are running this week, the blockades are down and most Canadians say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has mishandled the file. John Wright at Dart has new polling.

Did PM Trudeau just download the blockade crisis onto the provinces?

At the time of this recording, the nationwide rail blockades continue with no end in sight. The prime minister admits there has been no progress in meaningful talks and told a Friday afternoon news conference it’s time for the blockades to come down.

What does that mean? There is no plan. There is no deadline. And there is no consequence for demonstrators if the blockades remain in place.

Has he effectively downloaded this national crisis onto the provinces?

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