Empire Club Panel: Putting Seniors First

March 11, 2020 Panel discussion Putting Seniors First with John Wright.

Ford Nation is framing Steven Del Duca as a Wynne Loser

The Ontario Liberal Party handed former Wynne minister Steven Del Duca a first ballot win and new business cards as the Leader of the provincial party.

The governing Progressive Conservatives have already released online ads framing Del Duca as a continuation of Kathleen Wynne’s politics and policies.

Can Del Duca redefine himself? Can he redefine the provincial party? Can he raise the cash needed to take on the Tories in 2022? Can he recruit quality candidates to take on the Tories in 2022?

And what does all this say about the leadership, (or lack thereof), from NDP leader Andrea Horwath?

Trump’s Viral Confusion over COVID-19 spreads faster than the Coronavirus

Listen to the declarations coming out of Washington about COVID-19 and it’s clear that the Canadian response to the outbreak has been weeks ahead of the curve. Nonetheless, all of our preparedness for this strain of the coronavirus is not enough to inoculate us against the Trump administration’s viral confusion and its effects on world markets.

President Trump has appointed Vice President as the lead on the COVID-19 file but it’s still not clear who is in charge.

One thing we do know is the next Ontario Liberal Leader will be named on March 7th. The leader of the pack is the leading “Wynne Loser”, Stephen Del Duca. Can he rejuvenate the party?

And the trains are running this week, the blockades are down and most Canadians say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has mishandled the file. John Wright at Dart has new polling.

Did PM Trudeau just download the blockade crisis onto the provinces?

At the time of this recording, the nationwide rail blockades continue with no end in sight. The prime minister admits there has been no progress in meaningful talks and told a Friday afternoon news conference it’s time for the blockades to come down.

What does that mean? There is no plan. There is no deadline. And there is no consequence for demonstrators if the blockades remain in place.

Has he effectively downloaded this national crisis onto the provinces?

ALSO this week: We introduce THE FRIDAY DUMP. We nominate the news makers, news stories, maybe even the news media who are worthy of the FRIDAY DUMP honours!

It’s Back to Business at Queen’s Park

The Christmas recess has wrapped up at Queen’s Park, the legislature is back in session and there are more than a few pots at a rolling boil on the front burner.

The labour standoff continues with all of the teachers’ unions across the province. Rotating strikes continue and there appears to be no progress in this war of attrition.

That strife will take up a good deal of oxygen as the session resumes but Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney will be front and centre presenting some major public transit legislation and having to stick handle the botched roll out of the province’s new licence plates.

A 2019 Wrap with Special Guests John Michael McGrath and Steve Paikin

This is our 62nd episode of @OnTheLedgePcast and our final show for 2019. Our usual suspects, John Wright, Keith Leslie and Dave Trafford are here along with special guests John Michael McGrath and Steve Paikin from TVO’s @theAgenda. John Michael and Steve also produce and host the #OnPoli podcast. Their show gets down in the weeds – whereas On The Ledge gets down in the mud!

We will take a hiatus for a few weeks while the legislature takes its Christmas/winter break. So be sure to subscribe to the podcast. That way you won’t miss a thing!

Hamilton’s Sh*t Show makes national news and Ontarians grow weary of the Teachers’ Contract Standoff

It’s becoming clear that #sewergate in the City of Hamilton will not only be a municipal election issue in 2022, it will likely test the Steeltown MPPs running for re-election in two and a half years.

The Hamilton SH*T Show Splashes on Queen’s Park and Ontario High School Teachers Set a Strike Date

Best estimates suggest 24 billion litres of raw sewage has been dumped into Chedoke Creek in Hamilton, Ontario. City council knew about the leak prior to the 2018 municipal election but it only came to light through recent reporting by the Hamilton Spectator.

Ontario Teachers Set To Take Job Action and Doug Ford Takes the Lead on Federal-Provincial Relations.

There were all kinds of predictions that Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be more of a stand off than a sit down. But that wasn’t the case. All indications are Ford and Trudeau had a productive discussion and left the name calling on the campaign trail.

Hamilton Pushes Back Against Doug Ford and Canada’s premiers will meet December 2nd

Organized labour organized a demonstration outside MPP Donna Skelly’s Hamilton office this past week – all because of a comment the premier made in response to a question from Skelly. Skelly basically teed up a friendly question and Doug Ford replied with friendly fire.