Attitudes About Senior Care: Worry for Ourselves and Others

National Survey Broaches Issues of Paying for Care When Needed, Family Impact and Social Isolationism

Toronto—On the eve of the Ontario Liberal Budget—the last as the province is plunged into a general election which will take place on June 7, 2018—a national survey conducted by DART Insight for the Ontario Retirement Communities Association finds that 79 per cent of
Canadians worry (34% a lot/48% sometimes) about having enough money to pay for their care when they need it and 71 per cent worry (26% a lot/45% sometimes) about being a burden on their family if they can’t look after themselves.

Further, 96 per cent of Canadians agree (69% very much/27% somewhat) that social interaction is important for seniors’ health and wellbeing; 94 per cent agree (57% very much/37% somewhat) that social isolation is associated with higher health risks; 91 per cent of Canadians agree (53% very much/38% somewhat) that they do not want to be socially isolated in their later years; and, 96 per cent agree (58% very much/38% somewhat) that families worry less if their loved ones have support to keep them safe and well.