Being Canadian on Canada Day

Gender Matters, Why? Because it’s 2018.

And, Things are Not so Happy in Alberta.

June 30, 2018 — A new poll of over 5,300 Canadians released by DART  Insight on the eve of Canada’s 151’st Birthday finds that women are most likely to wrap themselves in the Canadian flag versus their male counterparts on questions ranging from how proud they are of Canada, recognition of a unique Canadian value system in the world, how that cooperative Confederation is strong and how likely they are, if given the choice, to stay in Canada rather than move south of the border to live in the United States.

And while the poll doesn’t explore the political and policy dynamic on that perspective, some may suggest that the Trudeau Government’s full on “female” agenda catering may be part of the reason for that outcome.

And speaking of politics and policy, at the other end of the scale, geographically, it’s Albertans who are not feeling as Canadian—or likely to stay on this side of the border if given the choice to move to the United States.

Where to Begin?

There’s probably not much news value in a poll of Canadians that finds that nine in 10 (90%) are proud to be Canadian – from Atlantic Canada (95%) through Ontario (93%), Saskatchewan/Manitoba (93%), British Columbia (93%), followed by Alberta (87%) and Québec (81%).

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