Canadian Public Opinion on Packaging of Tobacco and Marijuana Cigarettes

Canadians Believe in Equal Application in Packaging Standards for Marijuana and Tobacco Cigarette’s, Choose Branded Packages Over Generic Packaging Citing Concern for Rise in Criminal Counterfeiting

A new national Canadian public opinion survey for the Canadian Convenience Stores Association (CCSA) and the National Convenience Stores Distributors Association of Canada (NACDA) finds that nine in 10 (87%) Canadians believe that current tobacco cigarette
packaging regulations should be applied equally to marijuana cigarette packaging.

Further, two thirds (64%) of Canadians reject any imposition of a generic package for either tobacco and marijuana cigarettes, and five times as many Canadians (40%) believe the generic package could most likely contribute to counterfeiting of tobacco and marijuana
cigarettes versus the branded package which is now in place (8%).

And, after Canadians learn about the Australian experience since 2012 with respect to the imposition of generic packaging and higher taxes and the concurrent increase in contraband/counterfeit products, support for the branded package status quo rises significantly from 64% to 78% (up 14 points.)