Premiers December 2020 Quarterly Approval Ratings

 Premier Who Cancels Christmas Gets Grinched:
Manitoba’s Pallister Drops Down Coal Chute to Lowest
Approved Provincial Leader in Country (35%, down 19 Points)

Quarterly Approval Rating and Rankings of Canada’s Premiers September 2020

Approval Ratings Come Down To Earth as

Almost All Ratings Fall

Horgan (69%), Legault (63%), and Moe (60%) on Top

Canadians Very Concerned About their Personal Mental Health as a Result of Covid-19 Impact

Youngest (60%), lowest income (60%), single/never married (58%), and those
from Ontario (52%) and Alberta (51%), most likely to be very concerned

The NEWSTALK 1010 Pulse of Toronto Poll: Police and Mental Health

Six in 10 (59%) Canadians believe only a fraction of their local police force is adequately trained to deal with people who are having a mental health crisis

 But only one in six (18%) believe members of their local police force are too quick to use a gun instead of using other means to de-escalate a situation

Quarterly Approval Rating and Rankings of Canada’s Premiers June 2020

Quebec’s Legault (76% +10) Soars as Premier with Highest Approval Rating as All Premiers Get Pandemic Performance Bounce

The NEWSTALK 1010 Pulse of Toronto Poll: Time to Re-open the Economy?

If so, don’t expect crowds any time soon…

Only three in 10 (30%) Canadians think Canada’s criminal justice system treats people who are black or dark skinned equally compared to others in our Canadian society

While vast majority (86%) of Canadians say their police are superior (27%) or better (59%) in handling their job and interacting with citizens compared to US police officers, there are troubling actions beneath that assessment:

Many believe a large number of their local community police unfairly, discriminately, racially profile black and dark-skinned citizens (27%), rough up suspects, especially if they are black/dark skinned or from certain neighbourhoods, during arrests (22%), and, unfairly, discriminately, treat indigenous people (30%)

Canadians Views on Race Relations

A majority (69%) believe there is prejudice against visible minorities in Canada today but when they look across the country, in their communities, neighbourhoods and police departments, only a minority recognize it

Few think much progress in race relations has been made over the past decade

The NEWSTALK 1010 Pulse of Toronto Poll: Not Enough Testing

Majority (78%) of GTA Residents:
Not Enough Testing to Get an Accurate Picture of the
COVID-19 Cases in Canada

The NEWSTALK 1010 Pulse of Toronto Poll: Send Kids Back to School in the GTA? Only 5% Say it’s Time

Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce is expected to announce the plan for the rest of the school year today and the central question to be answered at 1 pm will simply be: will students be back in class any time soon?

Well, according to the results of a survey undertaken by the polling group of DART & maru/BLUE and released today by Toronto’s NEWSTALK 1010, if those in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) had any say in it Alice Cooper would be singing “School’s Out for Summer”: only five percent (5%) of Torontonians believe that children should be back in the classroom now.