Canadians Virtually Unanimous in Fight Against COVID-19

90% Believe We Should Stay the Course: Keep
Things Locked Down as Much as Possible Until
Medical Solution (44%) or Things are Manageable
Within Healthcare System (46%)

Majority (65%) view health threat of coronavirus
greater than threat to financial well-being (24%)

Coronavirus: Job Loss and Personal Finances

One Quarter (26%) Indicate Someone in their
Household or Immediate Family has Lost their Job or
Been Laid Off Specifically Because of the Impact of the

Coronavirus: Capacity and Concern

Majority (75%) of Canadians Confident Local Hospital
and Health Care System Could Provide Proper Medical
Attention if they Contract COVID-19

Coronavirus: One in Five Would Have No Money After One Month

Dire Straits:
If Canadians Have to Liquidate all the Money they
Have Access to for the Necessities of Life, One in
Five (21%) Would Have No Money to Tap into
After One Month

Coronavirus: Canada’s Workforce Believe They Cannot Afford to Miss Work

Half (47%) of Canada’s Workforce Believe They
Cannot Afford to Miss Work Because they Have No
Benefits or Anything to Fall Back On

Coronavirus: Confidence in Public and Health Officials Rise

As COVID-19 Virus Concern Grips
Canadians, Confidence in Public and
Health Officials Rise

Coronavirus: Half of Canadians Concerned about Contracting Covid-19

Half (52% +20) of Canadians Concerned
they Might Actually Contract the
COVID-19 Virus

Coronavirus: More Canadians Concerned they may Contract Covid-19

Amid Growing World Alarm Over Virus
Spread and Impact, More (32% +3 –-
approximately 10 million now) Canadians
Concerned they may Contract Covid-19

Broken Country

A DART & maru/BLUE Poll released today provides a sweeping overview to how Canadians have reacted to the events and players surrounding the Wet’suwet’en conflict, and their perceptions about the many policies and priorities at stake. And even though complicated issues often take great patience and dialogue to solve, it’s apparent that most Canadians nowadays want less of “jaw jaw” and more of “fix fix” — for this and all other Indigenous related matters. The summary from the polling conducted this week is grouped into various chapters of a story that seems, to a majority, always the same and never ending.

Despite Escalating Strikes versus Strong Rhetoric and Compensation for Parents of Displaced Children, Ontario’s Teachers Unions Strengthen Public Opinion Hand in War of Attrition with Ontario Government

A new DART & Maru/Blue Poll conducted for Sun Media finds that after having weathered two months of battle between the Ontario government and its teachers’ unions, the government has a weaker hand than it did at the outset—despite all the rhetoric and strike action—and it doesn’t appear they will win this war of attrition in the public domain.