Canadians Views on Opening the Canada/US Border Now: Keep it Closed (83%)

Country Split on Easing Protocols:

Freely open now (5%)/Soon with health check (25%)/With strict regulations (22%): 52% versus With proof of vaccine (24%)/Keep border shut indefinitely (24%): 48%

The NEWSTALK 1010 Pulse of Toronto Poll

Mental/Physical Health and Mood of Those
Living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Ranking Pandemic Priorities for Canada’s Armed Forces

Of sixteen tasks evaluated, Canadians rank deployment
of personnel to assist at long-term care homes or other
retirement residences (64%) as top priority

What Canadians Would be Willing to Comply with as their Society Opens Up

Canadians will accept a vast number of health and safety-imposed conditions if it meant they could do more things and reduce the spread or resurgence of the virus

A Day in the Life of Covid-19 Canada

A Snapshot of Canadians Views and
Activities on a Typical COVID-19
April 2020 Day

Almost 12 Million Canadian Adults Speak Up: Get the Country Moving Again

Just over one third (36%) of Canadians say it’s time to
reopen the economy that has been in virtual shut down
because of the COVID-19 pandemic

1.3 Million Canadians on Verge of Declaring Bankruptcy, One in 10 (9%) Mortgage Holders Believe Default Imminent

Majority (58%) say housing/condominium properties
in their neighborhood will depreciate over next two months

Reality Check: Canadians and Americans in Virtual Lockstep with “Ultimate” Forms of Self-Distancing to Stop Spread of COVID-19

It may look very different to Canadians when they look south of the border and try to comprehend how Americans are handling the COVID-19 response, but the findings from a new survey released by the polling group of DART & maru/Blue indicates that the vast majority of both Canadians and Americans are in lockstep when it comes to following the “ultimate” forms of self-distancing on the advice of public health officials.

Canadians Virtually Unanimous in Fight Against COVID-19

90% Believe We Should Stay the Course: Keep
Things Locked Down as Much as Possible Until
Medical Solution (44%) or Things are Manageable
Within Healthcare System (46%)

Majority (65%) view health threat of coronavirus
greater than threat to financial well-being (24%)

Coronavirus: Job Loss and Personal Finances

One Quarter (26%) Indicate Someone in their
Household or Immediate Family has Lost their Job or
Been Laid Off Specifically Because of the Impact of the