Majority (61%) Support Prince Harry Becoming Canada’s Next Governor General

A majority (61%) of Canadians support Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince Harry, becoming Canada’s next Governor General after the current incumbent, Her  Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, leaves her role—which could be on or about 2022.

Initial Public Leadership Perceptions of Potential Replacements for Andrew Scheer

Ambrose Dominates the Leadership Landscape
Rempell, Deltell Tuck Up Right Behind

Quarterly Approval Rating and Rankings of Canada’s Premiers December 2019

Alberta’s Kenney (40%) Crashes with 15 Point
Drop in Provincial Approval in One Quarter
Quebec’s Legault (60% +1) and Saskatchewan’s Moe (56% -2)
Continue to Lead in Approval Ratings

Majority (71%) Believe Ontario Public and Catholic School Boards Should Be Merged

While the Ontario government and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) do battle in the forefront of the public, a DART & Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll finds a salient, and related, conjecture in the background: a majority (71%) of Ontario citizens have an appetite to merge both the Ontario Public and Catholic school boards to create efficiencies and save money that can be put back into the classroom.

Vast Majority (77%) want Independent Third Party to Resolve Ontario Government/Teachers Union Dispute

A DART & Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll finds that after having watched from the sidelines and now experienced a one day walk off the job protest from its secondary school teachers, the Ontario public has one clear message to both parties involved: whatever the dispute is about, have it resolved by appointing an “independent third-party” to determine a solution like the CUPE negotiations earlier this year (77%).

The Showdown Between Ontario’s Secondary School Teachers and the Ontario Government

On motives and conduct: a plurality (40%) give both sides a failing

grade, three in 10 (31%) side with Teachers, one quarter (25%) give

nod to the Government, and just a fraction (6%) give both sides a

passing grade

Holiday Gift Giving Show Down: Who gets More Gifts—Your Pet or Your Spouse/Partner?

One in Six (18%) Pet Owners Say their Pet Gets More Gifts
During Holiday Season than Spouse/Partner

Ontario Dog Owners (22%) and Atlantic Cat Owners (25%) Lead the Way
with top Gift Choices of Special Food Treat, Toy, Blanket, and Collar Top
Gift Pet Choices

Pets Care: Mood Sensors and Sponges…

A new poll released today by PetSmart Canada indicates that their pets are
literally mood sensors and sponges.

Down the Home Stretch:

Scheer’s Conservatives (33% N/C) Lead Trudeau Liberals
(29% +1) Nationally followed by Singh’s NDP (21% +1),
May’s Green Party (7% N/C), and
Bernier’s People’s Party (2% N/C)
Blanchet’s Bloc Québécois (33% -2) Lead in Quebec

Trudeau Liberals (28% -2) Wounded—Caught in Pincer Between Surge of Both Singh NDP (20% +5) and Blanchet’s Bloc Québécois (35% +9) in Quebec

Younger Voters also Desert Trudeau for Singh

Scheer’s Conservatives (33% -4) Stumble but Lead Nationally
as May’s Green Party (7% -1) Trails, and Bernier’s
Peoples Party (2% -1) Flatlines