Voter Intentions At the Drawing Up of the Writ for the 2019 Federal Election

Scheer’s Conservatives (35% -4) Lead Nationally to Trudeau’s
Liberals (32% N/C), Singh’s NDP (15% N/C), May’s Green Party
(8% +1), and Bernier’s Peoples Party (2% +1) with Blanchet’s
Bloc Québécois at 23% in Quebec (+1)

What to do with 24 Sussex?

Majority Say Prime Minister Should Have an Official Residence—
a Family House, Not a White House—But Don’t Tear-Down
What’s There and Build New:
Renovate and Upgrade in the $14 million Range

Voter Fallout from Ethics Commissioner Report: Virtually Nothing

Scheer’s Conservatives Up (39% +2) as Trudeau Liberals (32%) Stand Their
Ground, Singh’s NDP (15% -2), May’s Green Party (7%),
and Bernier’s Peoples Party (1%) Trail
Just One Quarter (26% +2) Believe Liberals Deserve Re-Election as Majority
Still Say It’s Time for a Change in Government (56% +4)

Out of this World: Views on Canada’s Space Program

Canadians Proud (80%) of Canada’s Role in Space,
See Benefit from Learnings, Innovations (73%),
Inspired by Canadian Astronauts (63%)

Canadians and the 50th Commemoration of Man on the Moon

While Majority (85%) of Canadians Recall Name of First Human
to Walk the Moon—Neil Armstrong—and Half (48%) Believe
Astronauts Should Return, Just 4 In 10 (39%) View Venture as the
Single Greatest Technological Achievement of All Time

Canadian Voter Preferences

Trudeau Liberals (32%) Gain on Scheer’s Conservatives (37%) 
with Voter Bounce in Ontario, But Only One Quarter (24%) 
Believe Liberals Deserve Re-Election

Canada Day Celebrations

Just 42% Will Likely Attend a Specific Canada Day
Community Event but Majority (67%) Prefer
their Provincial Parliament Buildings Host a
Celebration for Families to Attend

Mood of Canada on Canada Day

Majority of Canadians think Canada is Best Place to Live in 
the World (86%), the Envy of Most Other Countries (77%), 
and Believe 2019 So Far has Been a Good Year for 
Themselves (72%)

Quarterly Approval Rating of Canada’s Premiers

Saskatchewan’s Moe (60% +1), Quebec’s Legault (59% +3) and
Alberta’s newly elected Kenny 55% rank atop the quarterly premier’s
ratings ladder while Ontario’s Ford 29% (-5) and Nova Scotia’s
McNeil 14% (-10) Tumble into the Basement

Quarterly Approval Rating of Canada’s Premiers

Alberta Gives Premier Rachel Notley a 38% (+4) Approval
Rating as Election called for April 16, 2019

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe Regains First Place Standing
with Personal Best (59%) as Still Honeymooned Quebec Premier
François Legault Slips to Second Place (56%)