New Year, New Grooming Routine:

PetSmart® Pet Poll finds 36 per cent of
Canadian Pet Parents regularly take their pet
to a groomer

Quarterly Approval Rating of Canada’s Premiers

Quebec’s Legault Soars in Post Election High (61%)
Despite Fierce Front Notley Falls (34% -7)

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Dress up and party in spooktacular fashion:

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Majority (68%) of Canadians Want Their Elected Officials Focused on Those Who Are Crossing Canada’s Borders at Unofficial Points and Claiming Asylum

Equal majority (68%) give Trudeau government bad marks for handling this file
Deeper dive shows national ideological battle: mosaic (62%) versus melting pot (38%)

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders Approval Rating Drops

Two Thirds (66%) of Torontonians Say Top Cop Doing a Good Job
Compared to More (69%) One year Ago

Approval rating drop against backdrop of a rash of gun violence where Toronto
residents point to gangs (76%) drugs and drug trafficking (61%) and illegal guns
smuggled in from the United States (49%) as top contributing factors

Majority (54%) Find Change to Toronto Council Size (From 47 to 25) Acceptable versus 46% who Say it’s Unacceptable

Six in 10 (58%) believe Toronto City Council will be more effective
in getting things done with just 25 Councillors

The Toronto Municipal Campaign: Majority (57%) Say Mayor John Tory Deserves Re-Election

In Head-to-Head Matchup Tory (62%) Bests Keesmaat (27%)
Majority (59%): Toronto is On the Right Track

One Year Out from a Canadian Federal Election, Trudeau’s Liberals Have Some Work to Do

Only Three In 10 (29%) Canadians Believe Trudeau Government Deserves Re-election,

68% (including 56% of Liberal voters) Believe Government Has Been Consumed More with Looking Good than Dealing with Key Issues 

Weed Whackers: Strong Majority (76%) of Canadians Believe Legal Age to Obtain Marijuana Should be 21

Half (53%) support their municipality if it wants to ban marijuana sales outlets

Equally, (52%) believe legalizing marijuana will cause more harm than good (48%)

Canadian Premiers’ Quarterly Approval Rating Tracking

Q3 September 2018